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Call for papers 



Fashion is a global phenomenon. We would like to start our invitation to the Global Fashion Conference 2012 with the same words we have used in the previous edition. Rather than being a simple play on words, it refers to the concept of “space” that is so prominent in different contexts within fashion.

We would like to propose this concept of “space”: the place where we meet each other to discuss the future development of fashion.

So, where are you going to? What are our future options?

Fashion is a global phenomenon but, at the same time, its context is sensitive to several factors such as the country, the city, the district within a city, its stores. The “spaces” of fashion are numerous and perhaps each and every one of them deserves our attention.

Fashion is present in the “genius loci” of some cities, where perhaps we feel at home, old and new fashion cities.  The fashion districts also play an important role. These are places where we can find the spaces of established fashion designers and brands, stores and, at the same time, new spaces where creativity is blooming and where we relax and live experiences of delight and astonishment. Fashion is also present in our homes and in our body, which is the ultimate place of life…

We would like to invite you to come to Madrid and take part in this ongoing conversation.


The Universidad Complutense will be hosting the 3rd Global Fashion International Conference.


In this conference, fashion will be approached in a multidisciplinary way. We are proposing major themes to be addressed from all research areas that have an impact on the fashion business world.


Date: November 15th, 16 th , 17th , 2012

Place: Madrid


We welcome all presentations focusing Future Options for the Fashion World and suggest as topics of interest:


1)      Global Fashion: What about the Future?


  • Fashion Business and Global Economics
  • Fashion, Media and Communication
  • Art and Culture Fashion
  • Sustainability and Social entrepreneurship in Fashion
  • Globalization: Fashion Spaces and Fashion Places


–          The Future and the Trends: The Dress making World, the World of Acessories.


2)      Global Fashion Think Tank


  • History of Fashion
  • Politics and Business Fashion
  • Fashion and Identity
  • Ethnicity, Culture and Cities
  • Architecture, Design, Art and Fashion


3)      Fashion World Trip


  • The Dress making World: From Haute Couture to the Street Wear
  • Fashion World and Art
  • Culture and Fashion
  • Fashion History
  • Urban Design and Fashion Cities
  • Living Fashion and Museum pieces
  • Memories and Experiences
  • Ethnicity, Culture and Dress


– Travelling around the world of Fashion: Africa, Asia, Europe, America…


4)      Pop up Fashion


–          Art and Ideas (the creative process)

–          Architecture, Design and Fashion

–          Fashion Photos and, Events

–          Music and Cinema

–          Advertising and Communication

–          The weight of COO – City of Origin


Other contributions:


–          Values and Fashion

–          E-business and E-commerce

–          Web-marketing

–          Fashion blogging,  social networks

–          Networks of fashion consumption

–          Green is not Black & White

–          Cultures of Consumption

–          Economy & Government Sponsoring

–          Media, Press and Publicity

–          Fashion – Identity creation

–          Power in Fashion: Decision makers and Opinion Leaders

–          Common threads, geographic patterns

–          History and the emergence of Fashion Cities

–          The Future of Fashion: high tech, high touch

–          Born to Buy

–          Luxury Fashion Branding

–          Technology Management

–          Recycle, Re-use and … Fashion

–          Eco sustainability

–          Social responsibility in Fashion

–          Fashion Low Cost

–          Citizens of a Global World

–          Sports and Chic

–          Creativity and renewal




All the presentations will go through a selection procedure which will be the responsibility of the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

The presentations will be evaluated through a double blind review process. The selection will be made according to the publication rules of major academic journals, preserving the independence of various points of view.

The acceptance of the research means that at least one of the authors must attend the Congress and make its’ presentation.



The formal publication rules are those of all International Academic Publications and Journals.

To be published, your communication must meet the following publication requirements:

The submission should be 30 pages (max) long
The paper can be written in English, French, Italian, Spanish,  or  Portuguese
Name of authors and co-authors on the front page
University address, telephone number and e-mail address on the front page
Title and content starting from the second page
Font Times New Roman 12
Space 1.5
Margins 2.5 cm (top, bottom, right, left)
Immediately after the title, abstract in English and (optional) in your local language
Bibliography at the end of the paper (use academic format for references)
Use also academic format for formulas, figures and tables
Appendixes after the bibliography

Once received, your communication will be reviewed by 2 anonymous readers, who are professors with high academic standards in one of the four main topics of the Conference.

Outstanding quality papers will be published in a book. All papers presented will be recommended to publication to International Academic Journals linked to ISI-Web of Knowledge.


July, 15th 2012

Submission of abstracts by e-mail:

Abstracts must be written in one of the Languages of the Congress, which will be used in the full paper and in English. The abstract should have a maximum of 2 pages (if abstracts include images, or drawings) or 500 words (Font Times New Roman, 12; Space: 1.5).


In any case the abstract should clearly include:




Findings/Practical Implications/Theory building

September, 8th 2012

Papers acceptance, Reviewers’ comments back to Authors

October, 15th 2012

Final papers sent to e-mail:

See guidelines above

October, 29th 2012

Diffusion of final programme

November, 15, 16 and 17th November 2012

International Conference on Global Fashion: Future Options for the Fashion World





Should you need any additional information: 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

Or at the following numbers:
Tel : +351

Fax : +351


Organizational Committee


Isabel Cantista                                               Universidade Lusiada do Porto

Paloma Diaz Soloaga                                                Universidad Complutense Madrid

Victoria Muller                                              Centro Universitario Villanueva

Saskia Westerduin                                         University of Ghent


Scientific Committee


Cristiano Ciappei

Emanuela Mora

Ípek Kutay

Cynthia Lawson

José Carlos Teixeira

Lindsay Isabelle Carey

Marco Bettiol

Madalena Pereira

Mónica Codina Blasco

Paula Soares

Pierre Xiao Lu

Rogério Sousa

Saskia Westerduin

Yolanda Espiña

Paula Rodrigues

Francisco Vitorino Martins

Paloma Diaz Soloaga

Mariam Vizcaino

Miguel Angel Martín Cárdaba

Isabel Fernández de Córdova Carlos Delso

Victoria Muller

Catherine Willems

Alexandra De Raeve

Rui Miguel

Università di Firenze

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milan

Ístanbul Moda Akademísí

Parsons School – New York

Parsons School – New York

Caledonian Business School – Glasgow

Università degli Studi di Padova

Universidade da Beira Interior

Universidad de Navarra

Universidade Lusíada do Porto

Universidade Fudan/Bocconi – Xangai

CITCEM – Universidade do Porto

University of Ghent

Universidade Católica do Porto

Universidade Lusíada do Porto

Universidade do Porto

Universidad Complutense Madrid

CUV – Universidad Complutense Madrid

CUV – Universidad Complutense Madrid

CUV – Universidad Complutense Madrid

CUV – Universidad Complutense Madrid

CUV – Universidad Complutense Madrid

University of Ghent

University of Ghent

Universidade da Beira Interior



Registration fee


Researchers and academics                                     280 €

Professionals                                                             300 €

Students                                                                     180 €


The fee comprehends lunches (?), Gala dinner, coffee-breaks and documentation.


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